Fun Activities To Do With Fellow Seniors At An Assisted Living Facility


Living in an assistance living facility can make the life of a senior citizen much easier but that doesn’t mean that life has to be boring. Many elders feel isolated when they live in senior living communities due to being away from family and friends. The key is to find different activities to make one feel at home and pass the time. This way the time spent is memorable and it is not that slow paced either. Socializing with other seniors can do wonders for the well being because studies show that older adults who have an active social life tend to be the least likely to get depressed.

Here are some things that you or your loved ones living at an assisted living facility can do:


Dancing is not only fun but also makes you stays active and healthy. Taking up dance classes with others can ensure a fun time with the people at the assisted living facility. If classes cannot be taken then just put on some good music and dance away together. Relive the good old times of your youth by swaying to famous songs of those years.

Chess and puzzles

This is not only enjoyable but also stimulates the mind. Research shows that engaging in challenging games such as chess and soduku stimulates the neurons in the brain and they are least likely to develop any mind related health problems such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. This is a great way to get others involved and have a good time at the assisted living facility.

Movie night

Have one night be a movie night with your friends at the assisted living facility. Have some snacks and drinks over as well while you watch a movie. Ask everyone in advance whether they are coming or not and plan accordingly. Who would want to miss out on a good movie though? But just be sure not to put on any horror movie as there might be some heart patients who can’t take the thrills. Alternatively you can plan a movie night to the movie theatre.

Outdoor trips

You can plan an outdoor trip with your fellows at the assisted living facility to interesting places such as the museum, art galleries, exhibitions, flower shows, football/baseball games, book reading events etc. This is a great way to be connected to the outside world rather than just staying inside one’s room. Activities with others are always a lot more fun and you will not feel lonely.


Set yourself loose and sing away by doing karaoke. You can have a karaoke system set up in the activity center of the assisted living facility and ask everyone to join in. Singing is infectious and once everyone chimes in, it’s going to be a ball.

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