Fun Activities To Do When Your Grandkids Visit


It is really important for children to bond with their grandparents by communicating with them on a regular basis. This instills in them a sense of care and love for elderly people from an early age. This way, when they grow up they would have learned to respect, care and love the elder people. For the seniors, it’s a great way to spend time with their little family members.
Here are some of the ways you or your loved one can bond with their grandkids when they visit:

Reading a book/telling stories

Instill a love of books in the children by reading story books to them. Take turns in reading books i.e. if there is more than one child, then make each child read. Alternatively, you can also read the children stories. You can also tell them stories of your own childhood and life’s other interesting events. This is the age when kids absorb everything and have a wild imagination. They just love all kinds of stories and you can never go wrong with this one.

Board games and puzzles

There are so many board games that would be both fun and a great learning experience for the kids and you. You can keep board games with you so that whenever they visit they can play it with you. The children will associate fun time with visiting you and will always have good memories because of that. It will also be stimulating for your mind and pleasurable for the child. You can play the following games with them:
• Game of life
• Operation
• Chess
• Monopoly
• Card games (for e.g. Uno)

You can also solve puzzles with them for a little more challenging experience.


You can watch movies with your grandchildren that they can enjoy. Children movies are always very entertaining so none of the parties will end up falling asleep.

Arts and crafts

Get some arts and crafts supplies such as coloring books, crayons, play-doh and others. You and your grandkids can spend time doing these fun things together. The kids can draw pictures and give them to their grandparents. You would love to post their hand drawn pictures on the fridge or a wall.

Going out

You can also spend your day with the kids by going to places that you both can enjoy like parks, movies, museums or carnivals. But also ensure that it does not take a toll on your or your loved one’s health.


You can invite the kids over for your special cooked food or baked goodies. Like a warm pecan/ apple pie, cookies (which you can make them decorate), feed them your special pasta or any other dish that has been passed down in your family. There is just something special about grandma’s cooked food.

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