Dating After 60


Dating past a certain age can be a bit daunting, especially after knowing that you have been out of the dating game for so many decades (as we dare to presume). Everyone needs someone to love and be loved and seniors are no different.
Well don’t worry as we give some dating advice that might just come in handy for you or your loved one.

Get social

This is one of those obvious ones and it applies to people of all ages. You need to put yourself out there and meet people. Yes it’s difficult to go out if you are a bit on the older side of the age scale, but so what? Every little bit counts so get out as often as it is feasible for you and your health. Studies show that older people who have an active social life are least likely to get depressed by people of their own age. Here’s what you can do in order to meet new people

• Take walks in the park
• Go to senior speed dating clubs
• Tell friends or family members to introduce you to someone (there is no shame in that!)
• Shop around—not for the person (let’s not objectify people here) but go grocery shopping every once in a while. Who knows you might end up meeting someone.
• Visit old family and neighbors

Assisted living

If you or your loved is living in a community of people their age then how convenient is that? There are more chances of finding some person of interest for them there more than any place else. Obviously, that is not the purpose of an assisted living facility but if by coincidence cupid strikes the arrow then that’s a jackpot right there.

Explore the city

Every once in a while (say once a month at least) you or your loved one can plan a trip together with their friends and go explore the city. Visiting museums, art galleries, theaters and bookstores are just some of the places where they can meet people with the same passions and interests. Pro tip: bring along a grandkid to break the ice and act as your little wingman/wingwoman to strike a conversation with other people their age.

Get fit

You can kill 2 birds with one stone by going to the gym. If there is one at your assisted living facility then all the better. You can meet older people who are trying to maintain their health and then strike up a conversation with them.

Go online

It doesn’t matter if you are tech savvy or not, ask someone to make a dating profile for you on a website which caters to seniors or a regular one mentioning you are seeking someone your age. Ask that person to monitor your profile and let you know if there is a match.

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