5 Ways To Exercise After The Age Of 60


Don’t let age deter you or your senior loved ones from exercising. Its true with a certain age, one should tone down the intensity of the exercise but exercise should never be completely ruled out from one’s schedule. An active body protects from all kinds of illnesses and diseases and ensures the proper functioning of the organs. Regular exercise also has shown to prevent and decrease symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other age related illnesses. You don’t have to hit the gym or run a marathon to be active, simple steps towards an active life style is all that is required. Here are the 5 different ways you can incorporate exercise in your life:

Note: Before opting for any of these, always talk to your doctor or health care provider first.


Let’s start with the most boring one. Gym might not be for everybody because many seniors get intimidated by the fast paced activities and machines inside and the loud music blasting the speakers can get very annoying as well. However, if you can get a good trainer who will create and tailor a work out plan specifically for you, then all the better. You can ask the gym to lower the music if you have any hearing sensitivity, they will always comply. You should always tell your trainer any special needs or health issues you have so that your work out doesn’t become counterproductive. If you are a heart patient then always walk at a slow pace on the treadmill and don’t lift any weights.


Swimming is so much fun and one can do it for hours. Swimming is perfect for overweight seniors who want lose some inches without breaking out into a sweat and being exhausted at the gym. It’s a more fun alternative to the gym and tones the body a lot. Swimming is a full body work out as it targets the arms, legs, abdomen and torso and effectively strengthens the body.


Yoga is an ancient tradition that has changed the exercise world. It is slow paced but very effective. Many seniors who have taken up yoga have reported that most of their joint problems have been relieved by doing yoga. There are special senior yoga classes as well so you don’t have to worry about doing any dangerous or awkward yoga positions that can harm your body.

Dance away
Ditch the boring aerobics class and have some fun by signing up for a dance class. Time just flies when you are dancing and it releases feel good chemicals in the brain as well.


The easiest exercise you can get is a good walk. Make it brisk if possible and be regular. The best walks are done in a park or garden where you can be connected to nature, get some sun, and also socialize with others. Grab a friend and go for a morning or evening walk.
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