There are around 700,000 hospital visits by seniors every year just because of not taking their medications properly or not taking them at all. Whether it is accidental consumption or wrong dosage, Southern Comfort Family Services will help in preventing this at our assisted living facility. The following are practical tips for the elderly that will go a long way into aiding them in improving and maintaining their health.

Make a list

It is really important to keep a list of all the medicines you are taking because you never know when you might need to visit a doctor or health care provider. Doctors definitely will want to know the medicines that you are currently on in order to prescribe other medicines accordingly. It is also helpful for others such as family or attendants at the assisted living facility to ensure that you are taking medicines properly. Also, it’s easy to forget the names of the medicines or if there are too many too remember. Just stick it somewhere it is easily readable like on the fridge or the medicine cabinet so that you don’t have to search for it every time. This way it won’t get lost.

Proper medicine storage

It is advised to always a have proper storage specifically designated for all the medicines. It is important to ensure they are stored in a dry and cool place. They should be kept away from the reach of children or any pets as well. For scheduled pills or multiple pills to be taken at the same time, it’s good to get a medicine box. A medicine box greatly reduces the chances for any mistakes and helps in not missing any dosage.

Follow the doctor’s prescription/ Read the label

Never take it upon yourself to self prescribe any medicine. Just because someone else you know suffering from the same condition is taking a medicine, does not make it ok for you to take it as well. Everybody has a different body and set of health conditions. What might work for one might not work for the other. Take only the medicines your doctor prescribes you and never take any medicine other than what is prescribed.

Ask your doctor anything

Your doctor or health care provider is there to answer all of your questions. So never shy away from asking them anything that concerns you regarding your medicines or health. If a certain medicine doesn’t work for you, always let them know.

Avoid foods that interact with your medicines

It is merely not enough to take medicines properly but you also need to make sure that any vitamins or food you consume don’t interact with your medications. Your doctor will tell you what diet you should take so follow it strictly.

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As people get older, their sleeping habits change a lot. Some people tend to sleep for hours while others might even start suffering from insomnia. Whatever the case, its imperative that
people get their sleeping habits in the right order. Sleeping habits, just like eating habits, have to be maintained in a healthy manner in order to live an illness free life.

People don’t pay attention to their eating and sleeping habits in their youth and carry them towards later on in life and that leads to poor health. Sleeping is the body’s natural repair and maintenance system that works at night. All the muscles and cells are fixed and new memories are formed in the brain during sleep. Therefore sleep affects the body and the mind. Adults should get no less than 7-9 hours of sleep at night.

Here are some tips to get a better sleep at night:

Have a regular sleep time

Try to have a regular sleeping pattern. This is one of the most important sleeping tips for anyone. Having a regular sleep cycle will ensure that you always go to sleep when its time. Your brain will release the neurochemicals melatonin and serotonin which help in maintaining the circadian rhythms in the body and tell it that it’s time to go to sleep. So when you yawn at night, take it as a sign from the brain that it’s your bedtime. Having irregular sleep patterns can cause health issues in the long run.

Take a warm bath

Having a warm bath will make you feel relaxed, your muscles and joints will ease up and it will induce sleep. Once you get out of the bath, the drop in temperature will also make you want to get inside the bed easily.

Cut the screen time

Switch off all the screens that maybe distracting you from falling asleep an hour before your bedtime. When you watch TV or browse your phone, the light emitted from them signals the brain that it’s still day and so it doesn’t release the sleeping nuerochemicals. Try to read a book or listen to some music because they induce sleep easily.

Cut back on naps

You should avoid naps in the afternoon because if you are sleeping during the day, chances are that you will have a hard time falling asleep at night. This will disrupt your sleeping pattern and the cycle will repeat the next day.

Don’t drink coffee at night

Caffeine alerts the mind so it will make it harder for you to sleep at night. Limit your coffee intake to daytime only.

Don’t drink lots of water before bed

Drinking lots of water will wake you up to go relieve yourself one or more times during the night. This will disrupt your sleep and break the sleep cycle. Stop drinking any water one hour before bedtime.

Be active

Having an active body will tire you out and help you fall asleep easily at night. Even if it is just a walk during the day or evening, make it a habit to be active.

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As hard as it sounds to stay fit as a senior citizen, it is quite the opposite if one just incorporates healthy habits in their lifestyle. People are embracing the way they age these days and staying fit over 60 has started becoming a trend. Whether you want to lose weight or boost stamina, there is a variety of options available for the elderly. From senior cycling classes to senior yoga, you can have tons of possibilities. Here are some of the ways you or loved one who is an elderly person can remain healthy.

Exercise should be Fun

This rings true for any age that exercise should always be fun and never be like a chore. Any fitness activity should be something one looks forward to. We understand that seniors don’t like to even think about working out. The joint pain, the heart issues, the tiredness or any other health issue comes in their way of even performing day to day tasks. It’s understandable that due to age and a weaker stamina, going to the gym is almost impossible. Plus most gyms have loud music blasting through their speakers which can make it really bothersome for the elderly.

Never start any exercise regimen without consulting a doctor or healthcare practitioner. Doing light exercises like walking or stretching can make all the difference. There are yoga, tai chi and dance classes just for seniors. These classes are tailored and structured in order to suit the abilities of the elderly so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you or your loved one is living in an assisted living facility, it is most likely they have a good fitness center where they can work out at their own pace and talk to others their age as well. Alternatively, an attendant who can come over and help in light exercising will also be just fine.


Who says exercising should be done alone? It is a good idea to take a friend along on the daily walk in the garden or park. Having outdoor activities with friends can make it fun and healthy at the same time. Studies show that elderly people who socialize and interact with others on a regular basis are least likely to get depressed.

Exercise the Mind

The body is not enough to remain healthy. Keeping the mind fit is equally important. Get puzzles and board games to challenge yourself or your elderly loved one. Join a meditation class. Studies show that meditation improves concentration and focus in people. By incorporating these things, it will improve the cognitive functions of the brain which is really important for senior citizens.

Eat Healthy

Finally, let’s not forget that we have to maintain our healthy lifestyle by eating the right things. Check with the doctor about what is right for you or your elderly loved one and not eat anything that might interfere with any medications which are being taken.

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Healthy eating sets the foundation of the quality of one’s life whether young or old. But there comes a point in life where you need to be extra cautious and careful of what food you consume. The saying
“you are what you eat” hold so much weight and truth to it that it can’t be ignored. New research these days tells that every bite of the food we take affects our bodies in some way or the other in the long run. Just like every drop of water makes the ocean, similarly every morsel or bite of the food one has plays an important part in our health. Here are some tips for the seniors that they can use to maintain their health:

Stay hydrated

This is the number one rule in any diet is to always drink ample amounts of water. Our bodies are 70% water and require proper hydration every single day. All of the organs in the body function properly due to water. As people tend to get older, they tend to get less thirsty. The body still requires the same amount of water therefore you should keep track of the water content you or your senior loved one is consuming. Less water consumption can affect the kidneys, so drink some H2O goodness.


As people age, their bones get fragile and can get break easily. It is really important to have calcium rich foods. Supplements and vitamins are good too but the body responds more if it is given a more organic and natural form of those vitamins and minerals. Using organic dairy products are a great source of calcium and are good for the bones and teeth.

Veggies & fruits

Stock up your stuff from the grocery aisle because greens and fruits because they are your best friend. They are nature’s weapons against any disease or illness that comes your way. Research has proven that vegetables and fruits contain essential vitamins; minerals and antioxidants that help fight diseases. For e.g. broccoli and kale tremendously helps in preventing cancer while strawberries help maintain collagen in the skin and blueberries are good for a good memory. By incorporating nature’s goodies in your or your loved ones diet you can maintain your health at its optimum level.

Get some fat!

Sorry to burst your bubble but we mean get your Omega 3 fatty acids. They are abundantly found in fish and nuts. Get yourself salmon, flax seeds, walnuts and use them frequently in foods. Omega 3 fatty acids prevent cancer, arthritis, and heart disease and they are really essential to ones diet.

Low sodium and low sugar

Curb the salt and sugar from the diet and you will always be in a safe zone. High sodium causes blood pressure and water retention while high sugar affects the glucose and insulin levels in the body.

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Contrary to popular belief, getting gifts for elderly people is really an easy task. In fact, it is quite simple to get them gifts because they are the least materialistic people you will have to deal with. Now coming to the gifts that you can give them whether it’s for the holidays, birthdays or any other reason, here are some ideas.


You really thought we wouldn’t bring this one to the list, did you? This is the number one gift we at Southern Comfort Family Services would suggest. Studies show that elderly people who are connected with their family members and have regular interactions with friends and neighbors are least likely to get depressed or feel isolated. In fact, this improves their health and if they are undergoing any therapies, they tend to recover faster. Seniors also love to be with their grandchildren so try to bring them along as well. We all know that professional life demands a lot from us and we get tired from the daily grind. But it doesn’t take much by taking some time out for your older loved ones and give them this gift of love and care.

Reading Tablet

This is somewhat a pricey gift but well worth the money. Get your elderly loved one a reading tablet such as an iPad or Kindle. They have all the time in the world to read since they are free. Chances are they are not tech savvy so it’s best to buy and store their favorite books in it and also a few that you might like for them to read. Reading tablets are easy to use once they get the hang of it and the fonts can be adjusted so they don’t have to worry about eyesight issues. They can also use an iPad for other purposes like browsing the web and listening to songs as well. You can also come and read from the tablet to them.

Photo frame

This is one of those universal and timeless gifts that you can give to anyone. This is a good one simply because it can be personalized and is a lovely addition to the personal space they have. Photo frames also come in electronic format so you can load pictures on it and they will change every few minutes. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Something to wear

There are tons of things you can get them! For e.g.
• Bath robes
• Slippers
• Cardigan
• Shawl
• Gloves
• Hats
• Easy to wear jewellery
• Pants and shirts


Getting them a journal, notepad, post- its, pens, highlighters will be really useful for them. Puzzle books will boost their memory and creativity while board games are something they will enjoy playing with you when you come over or with the friends they make at the assisted living facility.

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Living in an assistance living facility can make the life of a senior citizen much easier but that doesn’t mean that life has to be boring. Many elders feel isolated when they live in senior living communities due to being away from family and friends. The key is to find different activities to make one feel at home and pass the time. This way the time spent is memorable and it is not that slow paced either. Socializing with other seniors can do wonders for the well being because studies show that older adults who have an active social life tend to be the least likely to get depressed.

Here are some things that you or your loved ones living at an assisted living facility can do:


Dancing is not only fun but also makes you stays active and healthy. Taking up dance classes with others can ensure a fun time with the people at the assisted living facility. If classes cannot be taken then just put on some good music and dance away together. Relive the good old times of your youth by swaying to famous songs of those years.

Chess and puzzles

This is not only enjoyable but also stimulates the mind. Research shows that engaging in challenging games such as chess and soduku stimulates the neurons in the brain and they are least likely to develop any mind related health problems such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. This is a great way to get others involved and have a good time at the assisted living facility.

Movie night

Have one night be a movie night with your friends at the assisted living facility. Have some snacks and drinks over as well while you watch a movie. Ask everyone in advance whether they are coming or not and plan accordingly. Who would want to miss out on a good movie though? But just be sure not to put on any horror movie as there might be some heart patients who can’t take the thrills. Alternatively you can plan a movie night to the movie theatre.

Outdoor trips

You can plan an outdoor trip with your fellows at the assisted living facility to interesting places such as the museum, art galleries, exhibitions, flower shows, football/baseball games, book reading events etc. This is a great way to be connected to the outside world rather than just staying inside one’s room. Activities with others are always a lot more fun and you will not feel lonely.


Set yourself loose and sing away by doing karaoke. You can have a karaoke system set up in the activity center of the assisted living facility and ask everyone to join in. Singing is infectious and once everyone chimes in, it’s going to be a ball.

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It is really important for children to bond with their grandparents by communicating with them on a regular basis. This instills in them a sense of care and love for elderly people from an early age. This way, when they grow up they would have learned to respect, care and love the elder people. For the seniors, it’s a great way to spend time with their little family members.
Here are some of the ways you or your loved one can bond with their grandkids when they visit:

Reading a book/telling stories

Instill a love of books in the children by reading story books to them. Take turns in reading books i.e. if there is more than one child, then make each child read. Alternatively, you can also read the children stories. You can also tell them stories of your own childhood and life’s other interesting events. This is the age when kids absorb everything and have a wild imagination. They just love all kinds of stories and you can never go wrong with this one.

Board games and puzzles

There are so many board games that would be both fun and a great learning experience for the kids and you. You can keep board games with you so that whenever they visit they can play it with you. The children will associate fun time with visiting you and will always have good memories because of that. It will also be stimulating for your mind and pleasurable for the child. You can play the following games with them:
• Game of life
• Operation
• Chess
• Monopoly
• Card games (for e.g. Uno)

You can also solve puzzles with them for a little more challenging experience.


You can watch movies with your grandchildren that they can enjoy. Children movies are always very entertaining so none of the parties will end up falling asleep.

Arts and crafts

Get some arts and crafts supplies such as coloring books, crayons, play-doh and others. You and your grandkids can spend time doing these fun things together. The kids can draw pictures and give them to their grandparents. You would love to post their hand drawn pictures on the fridge or a wall.

Going out

You can also spend your day with the kids by going to places that you both can enjoy like parks, movies, museums or carnivals. But also ensure that it does not take a toll on your or your loved one’s health.


You can invite the kids over for your special cooked food or baked goodies. Like a warm pecan/ apple pie, cookies (which you can make them decorate), feed them your special pasta or any other dish that has been passed down in your family. There is just something special about grandma’s cooked food.

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Dating past a certain age can be a bit daunting, especially after knowing that you have been out of the dating game for so many decades (as we dare to presume). Everyone needs someone to love and be loved and seniors are no different.
Well don’t worry as we give some dating advice that might just come in handy for you or your loved one.

Get social

This is one of those obvious ones and it applies to people of all ages. You need to put yourself out there and meet people. Yes it’s difficult to go out if you are a bit on the older side of the age scale, but so what? Every little bit counts so get out as often as it is feasible for you and your health. Studies show that older people who have an active social life are least likely to get depressed by people of their own age. Here’s what you can do in order to meet new people

• Take walks in the park
• Go to senior speed dating clubs
• Tell friends or family members to introduce you to someone (there is no shame in that!)
• Shop around—not for the person (let’s not objectify people here) but go grocery shopping every once in a while. Who knows you might end up meeting someone.
• Visit old family and neighbors

Assisted living

If you or your loved is living in a community of people their age then how convenient is that? There are more chances of finding some person of interest for them there more than any place else. Obviously, that is not the purpose of an assisted living facility but if by coincidence cupid strikes the arrow then that’s a jackpot right there.

Explore the city

Every once in a while (say once a month at least) you or your loved one can plan a trip together with their friends and go explore the city. Visiting museums, art galleries, theaters and bookstores are just some of the places where they can meet people with the same passions and interests. Pro tip: bring along a grandkid to break the ice and act as your little wingman/wingwoman to strike a conversation with other people their age.

Get fit

You can kill 2 birds with one stone by going to the gym. If there is one at your assisted living facility then all the better. You can meet older people who are trying to maintain their health and then strike up a conversation with them.

Go online

It doesn’t matter if you are tech savvy or not, ask someone to make a dating profile for you on a website which caters to seniors or a regular one mentioning you are seeking someone your age. Ask that person to monitor your profile and let you know if there is a match.

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Don’t let age deter you or your senior loved ones from exercising. Its true with a certain age, one should tone down the intensity of the exercise but exercise should never be completely ruled out from one’s schedule. An active body protects from all kinds of illnesses and diseases and ensures the proper functioning of the organs. Regular exercise also has shown to prevent and decrease symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other age related illnesses. You don’t have to hit the gym or run a marathon to be active, simple steps towards an active life style is all that is required. Here are the 5 different ways you can incorporate exercise in your life:

Note: Before opting for any of these, always talk to your doctor or health care provider first.


Let’s start with the most boring one. Gym might not be for everybody because many seniors get intimidated by the fast paced activities and machines inside and the loud music blasting the speakers can get very annoying as well. However, if you can get a good trainer who will create and tailor a work out plan specifically for you, then all the better. You can ask the gym to lower the music if you have any hearing sensitivity, they will always comply. You should always tell your trainer any special needs or health issues you have so that your work out doesn’t become counterproductive. If you are a heart patient then always walk at a slow pace on the treadmill and don’t lift any weights.


Swimming is so much fun and one can do it for hours. Swimming is perfect for overweight seniors who want lose some inches without breaking out into a sweat and being exhausted at the gym. It’s a more fun alternative to the gym and tones the body a lot. Swimming is a full body work out as it targets the arms, legs, abdomen and torso and effectively strengthens the body.


Yoga is an ancient tradition that has changed the exercise world. It is slow paced but very effective. Many seniors who have taken up yoga have reported that most of their joint problems have been relieved by doing yoga. There are special senior yoga classes as well so you don’t have to worry about doing any dangerous or awkward yoga positions that can harm your body.

Dance away
Ditch the boring aerobics class and have some fun by signing up for a dance class. Time just flies when you are dancing and it releases feel good chemicals in the brain as well.


The easiest exercise you can get is a good walk. Make it brisk if possible and be regular. The best walks are done in a park or garden where you can be connected to nature, get some sun, and also socialize with others. Grab a friend and go for a morning or evening walk.
Take a look at what we have to offer at Southern Comfort Family Services and feel free to contact us for quality healthcare for adults.

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As we age, different organs of the body also age in their own ways. Nothing stays the same and slowly starts to deteriorate. Sounds a bit gloomy but it doesn’t have to be. In order to maintain proper eye health, follow these steps and be stress free.

Visit the optometrist

A regular visit to the eye doctor even if you think everything is perfect, can help you quite a lot. Your eye doctor will be able to tell if there is something wrong or not even if you didn’t know about it. There are many eye diseases that elder people have a higher tendency of getting such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal detachment. Many just ignore the early signs as something temporary and by the time they realize it could be something serious, it’s too late.


Exercise is essential even at this age because it helps in the functioning of each organ of the body. Exercises increase the blood flow and intake of oxygen in the body. The blood cells are nourished and even the really thin, tiny and intricate framework of the eyeballs is affected. So an active lifestyle ensures a healthy pair of eyes. So you thought that there are no exercises for eyes right? Well there are! You can ask your eye doctor for some eye exercises. Some of them are as follows:
• Blinking continuously for a couple of minutes
• Make a figure 8 with your eyes
• Focus your vision between things that are near and far
• Look upwards, sideways and downwards without moving your head.

Eat nutritious food

Following a healthy diet is key to everything. Eat foods that are high in eye-health improving vitamins and minerals. Incorporate carrots in your diet because they contain high amounts of Vitamin A that is beneficial for eyesight. Eating lutien rich foods can vastly prevent and improve any retina damage. Lutien is a carotenoid vitamin, meaning it’s related to vitamin A and is a powerful fighter against macular degeneration and cataracts. So stock your fridge with leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and broccoli because they are abundant in Lutien. Start your morning with a glass of fresh orange or carrot juice and your eyes will love you for it.

Wear sunglasses

Always protect your eyes from any sun damage by wearing sun glasses. Glasses also help in protecting the eyes from any dust or particles getting in the eyes if you are outside.

Don’t stress your eyes

Never read for long hours or read in dim light. This puts a lot of stress on the eyes and affects their health. This also applies to looking at the screens of mobile phones or computers for long periods of time.

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